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Day of Action 2019!

Dear United Way Volunteers,

We are excited to announce that United Way of Harrison County’s Day of Action will take place on Friday, June 21, 2019! Volunteers across Harrison County are encouraged to participate and we would love to have your employees, friends, and family join us on this amazing day. Our Day of Action is a wonderful way to make a difference and assist United Way partner agencies who provide crucial human resources to our Harrison County communities.

Volunteers will be assigned to an agency or community service project. Each volunteer group must have a designated leader for contact purposes. Volunteers are encouraged to carpool with the knowledge that some agencies have limited parking.

Volunteers’ physical limitations should be indicated on the volunteer registration form. Those who participate will help United Way funded agencies with projects at their locations or assist with a community outreach project. We encourage volunteers to donate project tools and materials if possible.

This year we would like to increase our social media presence. Please post as many photos of your volunteer group as possible using the hashtag #UWDayofAction and #WeLiveUnited. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. are acceptable social media platforms.

One form should be filled out for every individual volunteer or group of volunteers. Please email if you have any questions.

Thank you for your support!

LIVE UNITED!                                                                  


Individual or Volunteer Group Contact Info

(Each volunteer group must have a volunteer coordinator)
(Please list each volunteer's first & last name)
(Each volunteer will receive a LIVE UNITED T-shirt. Please list each volunteers size.)
By clicking this box, I and the volunteers listed on this form hereby release the United Way of Harrison County and (as well as its successors and assigns) from any and all claims for damages, whether to person or property, arising from any accidents or injuries, direct or indirect, which are caused or arise from my participating in United Way of Harrison County's Day of Action 2019. I/We also give United Way of Harrison County, to its nominees, agents, assigns and to the photographer, my/our free and unlimited consent and permission, waiving all claims for any compensation by reason thereof or for damages by reason, thereof, to use, publish/broadcast or exhibit in the furtherance of its work, with or without identification of me by name of photographer/video described as Day of Action 2019 and to disseminated statements referring to me in conjunction therewith if United Way of Harrison County so desires to authorize any media, company or organization to use, publish/broadcast, republish/rebroadcast or exhibit said photograph/video with or without identification of me by name and to publish/broadcast or disseminate statements referring to me in conjunction therewith in the promotion of United Way of Harrison County and any of its fundraising campaigns or any of its clients.

***Important*** Please indicate the number of participants/volunteers you will be sending for the project. These numbers are crucial to our matching process, so please be a precise as possible. Also, due to the nuature of the event, it is sometimes necessary to split groups in order to complete projects. The matching process is first come first serve. We will do our best to work with all parties to ensure the best Day of Action experience.