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2016 Campaign

Meet Kristen Queen - 2016 Campaign Chair

I “set sail” with the United Way of Harrison County seven years ago on the grants committee.  After reading the grant applications from area non-profit agencies and listening to agency directors describing the things they see every day, I quickly realized that I was unaware of what was going on in the lives of many people in Harrison County.  I was astounded not only by the numbers of people who were in need of services that our partner agencies provide, but also by many of the things the agency directors spoke of that are happening right here in the county where I grew up and now live.  That first year on the grants committee was one of the most rewarding times I have spent doing anything in my life.  Little did I know, that I would continue to be a part of the committee for six more years and that would lead me to serve as the Campaign Chair this year. 

This year, the campaign theme is “Be a Lifesaver” with a nautical twist.  We have so many opportunities to save LIVES by supporting the agencies that United Way of Harrison County funds, whether it is a voice for a child in the courtroom, medical assistance for those who can’t afford it, or providing housing for the homeless.  The United Way of Harrison County is there every step of the way “buoying” the agencies to provide these services to our “crew” of friends, neighbors, and fellow community members.  The significance of the United Way is the ability to bring together many COMMUNITY groups and non-profit agencies to make an even bigger impact than just one agency or person.  With the entire community’s continued support, TOGETHER there is no end to the work that can be done right here. 

Finally, this journey that I began those seven years ago, in part, saved my life by showing me where my help is needed and by giving me opportunities to help those who need our donations.  I ask that you look for the best way that you can help us “navigate the waters” to a community where everyone thrives and has access to healthy and successful future.  Please find a way to include United Way into your life, you might save someones, because together community SAVES lives.